4th QUARTER MEDIA OFFERED To purchase media, or become part of Bentley Commerce’s Media Marketplace contact: Bruce Kamm Phone: 941-870-4952 Fax: 941-827-9777 Bentley Commerce offers $1 million in fourth-quarter 2015 radio spots on Radio Forecast Network’s nationwide network of affiliate radio stations: 6 commercials on the entire RFN network each day for 92 days Minimum guarantee of $1 million in spots will air at published net rate Spots will run from 6AM to 6PM, 7 days per week.

Advertisers’ choice of 30 seconds or 60 second (equals 2 – 30s) spots FREE Internet Radio bonus spots – Free bonus spots on Internet Radio stations affiliated with RFN terrestrial stations within the network FREE Sister Station bonus spots. Free bonus spots on simulcast programming stations. The latest 30 seconds commercial said: Learn about online lottery in India today! And clients have been very happy about getting free bonus spots.

Click Here to view the stations and published net rate for 30-second spots running 6 AM to 6 PM, 7 days per week. Radio Forecast Network, which began with one station and one announcer in February 2004, has grown to more than 60 professional announcers and meteorologists with over 878 years combined Radio and TV experience.

It uses its own proprietary announcer software, ManageWX, to deliver and monitor nearly 18,000 forecasts a month and advertising insertion orders along with proof of performance affidavits. Its announcers deliver personalized weather feeds for local radio stations for their precise coverage area that can include the stations’ call letters, an open and close, a weather jingle and even a sponsor, all at 100% barter.