LATEST NEWS Recent News . . . September 27, 2015 Bentley Commerce to Market $1 Million in Fourth Quarter Radio Advertising for Radio Forecast Network

Bentley Commerce Corporation (Other OTC:BLYC.PK – News) will market $1 million in fourth quarter 2015 spot advertising for Radio Forecast Network (, a premier provider of “Powered by Weatherbug” ( weather reports. Radio Forecast Network acquires advertising time in exchange for its weather forecasts for about 125 radio stations nationwide. Bentley Commerce is offering the advertising at very favorable rates, and will accept partial payment in trade for a national advertiser’s excess or unsold inventories. This enables a company to trade unwanted inventories or excess capacity at full value, rather than pennies on the dollar, and acquire valuable advertising, especially during the important holiday season.

Companies interested in expanding or economically acquiring fourth quarter advertising can review the details of this million-dollar media offer at Interested buyers should email or send a fax to 941-827-9777. Contact: Bentley Commerce Corporation Bruce Kamm Phone: 941-870-4952 Fax: 941-827-9777 August 22, 2015


Bentley Commerce Corp. and Its Former CEO, Bruce Kamm, Settle Lawsuits

Bentley Commerce Corporation (Other OTC:BLYC.PK – News) and Bruce Kamm, its former CEO, announced today that they have settled the lawsuits against each other and will work together to build a strong and profitable business for Bentley Commerce and its shareholders. “We are delighted to put this chapter in our company’s history behind us and devote our skills and energy to propel Bentley Commerce forward,” said its CEO, Robert Schumacher. “We genuinely welcome Mr. Kamm back and look forward to again having his expertise and business acumen serve the Company. As we move ahead, we recognize his prior contributions and acknowledge that too often disagreements result from miscommunication.” “In the near term, Bentley Commerce will focus its barter and trade business on Corporate trade, a $50 billion market sector typified by large media, commercial and industrial transactions, rather than providing services to small retail barter exchanges,” continued Mr. Schumacher. “In addition, Bentley Commerce will now actively seek other compatible business opportunities.”


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